Monday, April 11, 2011

Cats in Windows

The "star" magnolias. with their slender white petals, have been blooming on the sunny side of Back Bay streets since last week. The classic pink magnolias are starting to appear in force now, too. Commonwealth Avenue should be looking spectacular in just a couple of days. I'll try to post photos.

It was warm enough today (it was too warm, if you ask me) to open a window. Possum and Wendy took turns sitting on the sill — and sometimes they shared it. They like watching the world go by and sniffing intriguing outdoor smells through the screen.

Most of the time, Wendy and Possum get along perfectly.

Possum recalled a Swinburne poem about spring I recited to him once.

Wendelina on the alert — in case Evil Mommy finally decides to attack, I suppose...

We looked at a lovely, sprawling apartment in a historic Brookline building recently. But we had to pass on it: its large French windows couldn't accommodate screens, so cats could fall five stories down. A deal breaker, since we prefer fresh air to air conditioning most of the time. I wonder how people with pets and toddlers manage there. In a way, those windows were a blessing; even though the apartment felt like Paris, that part of Brookline feels like Ohio — too far from Back Bay, where our hearts lie.

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  1. That's so funny comparing Brookline to Ohio. It's so true, though. Anything beyond Kenmore might as well be Ohio. (We considered moving to Brookline, but it's too suburban.)


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