Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress

I had no trouble waking at 6 today, just in time to see Kate Middleton driving to Westminster with her dad. It looked like a perfect wedding, and an interesting contrast to the last wedding I bothered to wake up early for: Diana and Charles's, in July, 1981. Now here was a happy couple, and not simply because they got to play dress-up and ride in a coach.

Wendy joined me on the bed for a half-hour of wedding coverage, letting me pet her to our hearts' content. This was astounding. Is it possible that her skittishness is just natural British reserve? It seems that this wedding suddenly thawed her. We'll have to watch the BBC to see if she keeps coming around.

Maybe it's just that no one can resist a bride, not even Wendy. Snicky also paid close attention to the goings-on, while the men in the household mostly ignored it.

We three girls all thought that Kate's dress was exquisite. Alexander McQueen... it doesn't get any better. The silhouette was timeless and romantic; the cut of that full skirt was an achievement. The lace and embroidery added just the right amount of embellishment. It was hard to see the details, but there were many: scores of covered buttons down the back, elegantly shaped lace cuffs, and that wonderful tiara.

No complaints from this fussy critic! And Wendy agreed.

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