Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Magnolias, Pink and Gray...

These photos were taken on Commonwealth Avenue on Tuesday, before yesterday's rain. It was a gray, dreary morning, but our famous magnolia trees brightened the street all the same. The trees were mostly still in bud, just beginning to bloom at the top. The smaller star magnolia trees were in full bloom and wonderfully fragrant:

We'll have tulips blooming under these trees before we know it. I'll take more photos soon; perhaps we'll get a sunny day soon but, somehow, gray skies and pink trees seem awfully sophisticated.


  1. On my run last night, I noticed how vibrant and glorious our pink dogwoods are right now.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooming trees!

  2. Beautiful photographs. That explains my allergies! I had no idea that the city was so in bloom. I've got to take a walk down your way this weekend. There's nothing happening here in the West Fens yet.

  3. i LOVE this blog! We work in Back Bay at 101 Huntington. Would you consider writing a short post about our non-profit? See :) thanks for the beautiful pictures! .


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