Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Day

Possum was shocked to see many skinny, wobbly strangers walking down his street, wrapped in tinfoil and wearing — according to him — smug expressions reminiscent of his sister Wendy.

"It's the Boston Marathon, Possum," I explained. "You should be proud that it ends in Back Bay and pleased that thousands of runners from around the world have finished a great race and are enjoying your lovely neighborhood."

Possum didn't agree. "Some of them look like they want to be sick. And are you saying that they ran all those miles for no reason? Surely not!" he replied.

"For most runners, the goal is to complete the race and to beat their own personal record," I said.

"Oh, so that's the point?" said he. "Just to finish what you started, whether or not it was a sensible idea to begin with?  That's silly. You're supposed to run to chase food, catch food, attack enemies, and flee from predators. It would be much better if there were some sort of threat at the starting line, like rabid gorillas. Then there'd be some sense to it. Otherwise, why not stay in Hopkinton and help the locals with their gardening? There are probably lots of voles and rabbits worth chasing."

Possum ponders the Marathon.

I tried to reason with him but he suddenly fell asleep. He is worn out because we had a late night, watching "Upstairs Downstairs" (PBS) in between episodes of "Downton Abbey" (instant Netflix). Too many debutantes flirting with radical chauffeurs, and all those sulking valets and interfering dowagers were hard for him to keep straight.

It seems he will be spending the remainder of Marathon Monday on his velvet chair, having one of his marathon naps.


  1. I enjoyed witty Possum's descriptions of Boston's resolute runners. He is a good boy to enjoy his nap on the appropriate side of the door. My husband was raking twigs and pine needles from the lawn when he spotted our Luca cat lolling under our vehicle. Why Possum, would a cat who has naughtily escaped into the green of a Maine spring, choose the underside of a car for diversion? We are chastened and will look to our feet before sallying forth in future. MaineMom90

  2. Although Possum doesn't know your cat, he wonders if Luca is interested in coming down to Boston for a Red Sox game. Since you won't take him, he may be trying to figure out how hard it is to learn to drive. Possum has great sympathy for cats who aren't permitted to visit ballparks. Possum also wonders if your cat is named for Luca Brasi, whom he so admired in "The Godfather."


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