Friday, April 15, 2011

Slow Magnolias

It's been so cold (not that I'm complaining) that the magnolias still haven't reached full bloom. It seems they've had second thoughts about opening up now that winter has made a return appearance to Back Bay.  The star magnolias and a pure-white variety are behaving appropriately; it's all the pink ones — the  showstoppers — that are acting shy. It does seem a little strange to see trees in bloom when I'm shivering in a wooly coat, hat, and gloves.

Here are some quick snapshots taken today on a walk through the neighborhood. You will not see any marathoners or their entourages in these photos, so feel free to click to enlarge.

White magnolias against the sky, reminiscent of a Japanese painting.

Along Commonwealth Avenue... not quite ready for prime time.

There is fragrance in the air, but I want more.

I passed a woman telling her husband, in an authoritative tone, 
that this was a dogwood — and that's why it was blooming so early. 
I couldn't resist correcting her botany lesson.

Birdhouse with flowers for company

Spring seems to come earlier to houses with magnolias and tulips. 
Are the residents happier or more fortunate in general in the houses
with pretty gardens, on the sunny side of the street? I wonder. 
You'd  think it would be so.

The willows in the Public Garden are dressed in shocking green.

The Swan Boats are awaiting their first customers.

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  1. thank you for my new computer wallpaper! love the magnolias -


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