Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sofa Mystery

Wendelina Pantherina found a dark cave that magically appeared on the sofa.

Scoping out the entrance to the new cave.

"Wow, a new geological formation! I am a bold explorer," says Wendy. "I'll go in and investigate. There could be snakes in there. I love snakes."

Prudent Wendy has second thoughts.

"Wait, there might be something bad inside. Something even scarier than my humans. Something that likes to bite pretty calicos. But I must be fierce brave or Possum will steal my discovery. Deep breath. Here we go..."

Wendy confronts the unknown. 

As she entered, green headlights flashed from deep within.

Possum, lurking roguishly.

 The wily Possum had indeed gotten there first! Wendy retreated in haste, trying to appear blasé. "Oh, well. Never mind," says Wendy, suddenly quite interested in the coffee table.

Possum revels in his private hideout.

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  1. I have a cute photo of Brighton finding a 'fort' in a hotel we stayed in for BlogPaws last it!


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