Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Blonde Greenpeace Guy

I  spotted this letter taped to a pole in Kenmore Square yesterday, and felt it should be documented:

It reads:

fall-ish, 2010
blonde greenpeace guy
next to Dunkin Donuts

Dear blonde greenpeace guy:

i'd like to apologize for brushing you off when you tried to talk to me. it was just that I had spent the whole day looking for a job and i didn't want to give what money i had away. i should have been at least a little more polite to you, you have a [tough?] job and I didn't help it. i'm sorry

Sincerely Yours,
[indecipherable signature]

I liked this, even though I can't tell whether it's a sincere apology, a conceptual art installation, a sign of insanity or a lost bet, or a routine element of starting a Twelve-Step program. What do you think? It was posted very recently about an encounter that happened last fall so, to me, it seems more bizarre than sincere. Who lies awake at night worrying about being brusque to Greenpeace guys? We should all be so lucky to have that be our big problem. Maybe a Greenpeace worker taped it up there as a joke. Yes, that seems more likely....

I brush off people with clipboards on the sidewalk all the time, usually politely and with a smile. I think there are better ways to raise awareness and money for a cause. I feel it sends a poor message about the non-profit's values, which should include not bothering well-meaning people who are rushing to get to the gym on time. On the other hand, those kids need jobs, and I do see an occasional person who's stopped to listen to them.

On yet another hand—a spare that I happen to have lying around—I never give money to those causes any more because some of it goes to pay people with clipboards on the sidewalks.

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