Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giant Aerial Jellyfish Take Over Cambridge

...or was it just some kind of artsy installation by MIT people?

MIT's Festival of Art + Science + Technology is running tomorrow night, too, celebrating the school's 150th anniversary. We were walking along the MIT bridge tonight on our way to the campus when the railing of the Cambridge portion of the bridge began lighting up in a variety of rainbow colors. That was probably the most complicated (and second-coolest) installation we saw, and it must have taken forever to organize and set up.

We were most mesmerized by the massive, kite-like "stars" (above) that bobbed and floated high in the air in front of the main building.  There are a number of people guiding them, hanging onto those thin ropes that you can see in the photo.

Wandering the campus, even among crowds of families, made me regress to my student days. In my first semesters of college, I took a lot of science and math because I didn't know any better. Tonight I found myself wondering if I had homework due, or was falling behind in calculus class, or was late in handing in my lab reports. Or all three. Nerd habits never die.


  1. I walked over the bridge today during my ramble from Brattle St (to smell the lilacs and to stop in at the Longfellow House's garden to see what's in bloom this week) to SOWA and then back to the Charles/MGH station past the Public Garden and on down Charles St.

    The soft sculpture on the barge in the river is a dead ringer for kitten teeth - if the kitten in question is the size of an aircraft carrier. The jagged points, and the pearly white - yeppers, some artist either loves kittehs or has PTSD from a traumatic experience with them.

    Also - for Mother's Day, I got the gift of multiple hairballs. How about you?

  2. them like I love sea anemones, transluscent and love that they were moving, too.

    I got to scoop litterboxes for Mum's Day, cuz I'm a good mummy...


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