Sunday, May 29, 2011


I "organize" my photos with Mac software my husband forced on me, called iPhoto. Otherwise, I'd just keep downloading them into folders on my hard drive, where it would be impossible to easily see them. Then I'd get frustrated and have fits whenever I needed to find a particular one.

I know this for sure, because it's exactly what went on for years before I was told to use iPhoto. It has saved me (and him) a lot of drama and time. It has many fancy features, including facial recognition, facebook options, album-making, etc. I don't use any of them except the photo-editing tools, which are not as subtle as Photoshop's but are simple and quick.

Every now and then, I just drag batches of photos into it and they get arranged by date. For each date, it shows me one photo icon; if I wiggle my cursor over it, I can quickly skim the rest. I can also scroll through all my photos from a given day, or scroll through every single photo I've put there. Which is overwhelming and sometimes upsetting, since I have photos of beloved cats and people who are gone now, whom I miss. I don't do that often.

So it turns out that even this super-techy software permits me to keep my photos in a relatively disorganized state, not so unlike all the thousands of images and negatives I've stuffed randomly in shoeboxes over the years. I like that.

For one thing, I get surprised from time to time. Tonight, I somehow came across this photo, which I hadn't seen in ages:

Back in October 2009, Possum was still settling in to his new digs, familiarizing himself with our library, and befriending the natives. See how he's already crossing his paws while posing for the camera? He was elegant even as a kitten. And he's cleverly positioned himself so you can't tell his left ear was clumsily lopped off at the neutering clinic after he'd been trapped as a feral baby. He hasn't bothered to do that since our vet assured him that a sawed-off ear gave him "street cred."

I showed him this photo and he pooh-poohed it. "That was before I'd read all those books," he said.

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  1. Mr. P has a way of wiggling into hearts even from behind a computer screen. I know he has to keep in model shape but sneak him a treat for all the smiles he sends out into the world.


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