Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost Souls in Back Bay

We wandered into the remnants of the Zombie March on our way back from some errands. Unlike several other looks we've spotted around town lately — Clark Rockefeller Wannabe, Designer Overdose, and Limping Jersey Girl in Platforms — the zombie look is flattering on everyone. Strategic splashes of gore will enliven even the muddiest skin tone. And it's affordable and easy to achieve. We all have blood and entrails, the foundation of the style. The trick is to let them all hang out.

Click to enlarge...

It's chic to coordinate your outfit with your entrails, 
without being too matchy-matchy.

Zombie casual. Always splatter the backs of your legs, too.

Looks like this happy crowd is leaving Staples. 
Someone is waving a heart in the air.
Does Staples carry body parts now? "Yeah, we've got that."

A little attitude will electrify your zombie style.
Scrubs guy here knows how to work it.

So much more interesting than the usual Saturday crowd in Back Bay.

It's all in the details, worn with attitude. 
Note the torn sleeve on this pensive zombie.

Zombie pirate and wench. 
A skeleton hand is more dashing than a hook.

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