Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mixing It Up with Possum

Possum suggested I put our bright, striped jersey sheets on the bed even though we're already using our raucous paisley duvet cover.

"But, Possum," I said, "They'll clash. As you know, I like a bed to be soothing and restful, not a cacophony of patterns and colors. That combination sounds awful. One pattern at a time, if that. Now, kindly let me have those white sheets you're sitting on."

"Please humor me and try it." he replied. "I spend more time on that bed than you do, and I know what's what. I think the colors harmonize in an interesting way."

 Possum, our local expert on interior decorating.

And he was right, they do look rather interesting together. But even so, when Possum finally lets me make the bed in the morning, I like to cover up everything with a simple white matelassé coverlet and shams. He fights me every step of the way, sprawling lazily on each sheet and rolling under and on top of the comforter. I have to plead, cajole, and order him to move, because he is so heavy to lift.

When I told him I liked his idea, Possum said, "I told you so. I hope you don't mind my saying this, but you have terribly boring taste. It's a mercy you weren't born with my spectacular tabby markings because you'd probably try to dye yourself gray. So tedious."

Well, I don't know about that.


  1. he is such a beautiful cat, and he photographs extraordinarily well. plus I like his taste in bedding.

  2. You know...looks kinda Ralph Lauren-y...Possum's got his style on! I rarely make the bed except when company's coming over...

  3. You know your patterns, Teri! That's a Ralph Lauren duvet cover, bought on the cheap on eBay years ago. Possum believes he's wearing a Ralph Lauren Black Label fur suit, and I won't pop his balloon.


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