Sunday, May 15, 2011

Please Ignore "Bad Account" Pop-Up

Blogger has been having problems and outages lately; I think they were rolling out a redesign, or something equally major that turned into a disaster. A lot of us lost posts, temporarily, and couldn't access our blogs.

Blogger seems to have resolved most of the troubles — except that lots of us are now getting this "bad account" pop-up window. I know it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in me or this blog, but it's meaningless. It's perfectly safe to click it closed and read as you please.

I hope they fix this soon.... so far they haven't acknowledged the situation nor offered anyone an explanation. But I know I'm certainly not alone.

Update: Some brilliant blogger figured out that the "Bad Account" pop-up window is caused by a gadget called "FreeStats." Remove its HTML code from your Blogger template, and that nasty little window will go away.


  1. Thank you for the post on the "bad account" pop up. I just took over a site for another company and the owner called me this evening complaining about this pop up. It turned out to be using statistics from commented it out and it was back to normal. Saved me a lot of troubleshooting!


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