Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Chores

Ah, spring. The time of year when we admire the flowers and the blooming trees, bask in the warm sun, and then go home and realize how grungy the apartment looks and how it seems we have nothing suitable to wear.

I've been dragging my feet about spring cleaning, but we were overdue to replace our heavy, Arctic-level down comforter with our lighter, Siberian-level one. As I wrestled it into place on our bed, Possum helped by jumping around on it to prevent its escape. Here he is, at work, looking a little crazed from the excitement:

Possum subdues the comforter.

The next spring task will be washing the curtains, especially the ones that Wendy likes to wrap herself in to hide. Then I'll open the big trunk at the foot of the bed, dig out our wrinkly old summer clothes, and replace them with our winter sweaters and corduroys. This often takes a whole day; I'm not sure why. Perhaps because it takes to so long to rearrange everything or maybe I just hate doing it so much that I keep getting distracted by other things.  The cats try to help by jumping in and out of the trunk and lying on the piles of clothes.

And after that, there'll be floor-washing, heavy-duty dusting of everything, decluttering, scrubbing in the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning out cabinets and drawers, "defurring," and vacuuming. 

Ugh. On the other hand, I've just gotten my long-awaited copy of As Always, Julia, the new book that covers the correspondence between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto. I think I was number 63 in line for it at the Boston Public Library when I reserved it. So I really, really need to finish it before it's due. I would hate to keep anyone else waiting.


  1. My long awaited copy otf Home Cooking by Lourie Colwin just arrived. I think we should forget spring cleaning (which can be done an a rainy day) and declare a reading day on the Esplanade with tea and cookies.

  2. What a lovely photo/painting?? I would love it in my library room! Is it just a photo, or did you trick it up in photoshop, or did you paint it? It's stunning, as Possum is! I would have it framed if it was mine...hint hint

  3. Hi Teri, thanks for all of your delightful comments! I've been using a "high sensitivity" setting on my old Leica point-and-shoot camera — it allows me to skip the flash indoors a lot of the time. But the effects are sometimes "painterly." That's okay with me, though. I also get some interesting effects using the tools in iPhoto, which are easier to play with than Photoshop.


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