Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Hummer in the Lagoon

You just know what these Boston mallards were thinking as they checked out this swan in the Public Garden:

"Boy, I don't know why they keep making them so huge!"

"Yeah, they aren't that big in Europe or Japan anymore, I'll bet."

"Too flashy and conspicuous. Who needs to be up that high?"

"Yep, it could run right over a duckling and not even notice."

"It eats up a ton of fuel, too."

"And where the heck could you park that thing in the city?"

"Plus, white is so hard to keep clean...."


  1. In defense of this particular hummer & his partner, Romeo and Juliet are the two most tolerant and placid swans I've ever seen. My experience with swans has been that they are cranky, aggressive and territorial to the max. This I learned as a 4 year old up close and WAY too personal.

    At least this one doesn't seem to be a road hog with his more compact travel mates.

    (I'm still having a giggle over the Cheese Patrol reactions. Surely they should be doing TV duty as fromage judges on a Bravo show!)

  2. brilliant as always - your blog always brightens my day!


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