Monday, June 6, 2011

Beacon Hill Art Walk

Behind the graceful brick townhouses of Beacon Hill lie hidden gardens, winding pathways, tiny parks, and even a swimming pool. It's rare that anyone but residents can get to see and enjoy most of these secret spaces, but yesterday you could see a few more. The Beacon Hill Art Walk lets visitors wander through Putnam Avenue, Bellingham Place, Lindall Court, Sentry Hill, Rollins Place, Phillips Court, and more. Painters, photographers, printmakers, and potters displayed their work, and there was live music.

It was very nice, once we found it, which required a map.To get the map, we walked the length of Charles Street, looking everywhere for a table or booth, and asking people along the way. But it was well worth being briefly confused.

Here are a few photos my husband took with his iPhone:

An artist was working and selling paintings in this tiny garden.

It was often crowded along the narrow pathways, but everyone was gracious.

Beacon Hill gardens are often a little wild and old-fashioned.
Many feature sculptures. This mossy lion reminded me of Snalbert.

We saw some interesting work, although we didn't get to see everything. It was a perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon — until a bird pooped on my head. I know it's supposed to bring good luck, and I would like some. (I'm waiting....) So I didn't curse the skies, I just decided to go home.

Before I sign off, I want to show you that swimming pool on Beacon Hill. This garden wasn't open yesterday, but I saw it at an open house last year and will never forget it. It has a certain Old Hollywood glamour:

A roomy courtyard with a small pool, and a vine-covered pergola behind it.
The heated pool has a dolphin fountain, and is not very deep.
The pool and courtyard, taken from the pergola. City living at its best!

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  1. That pool is AMAZING! Who knew that you'd find one in Beacon Hill. Wow. Thanks for posting that!


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