Monday, June 27, 2011

Bookstore Cat

We spotted Dusty, an orange tabby, sound asleep in the window of Commonwealth Books, on Spring Lane, downtown, on Saturday night. We were on our way to stand in line outside of Regina's in the North End, but cats and books take priority over pizza. Most of the time.

The store should have been closing as we arrived, but there were lots of customers and the friendly bookseller stayed open a little later for all of us. He and I reminisced about all the bookstores that have come and gone in Boston in recent decades; it made us feel really old.

Commonwealth Books, like almost all secondhand bookstores, is an endangered species, despite being full of treasures and a wonderful place to browse. They specialize in art, history, literature, and architecture. Their stock also includes first editions, antique books, fine bindings, prints, and plenty of affordably priced novels; something for everyone. The next time you're downtown, please go in and buy something. There are too few bookstores of any kind left these days, let alone small, quirky, used bookstores. What will all those unemployed bookstore cats do?

Dusty never stirred while we were there. He doesn't seem too concerned about the future.

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