Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cat Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was finally meeting a close relative who has been estranged from the family for about 30 years. He was drinking whiskey in a shot glass as I was led over to be introduced. When he turned to greet me, I dropped to the floor in a defensive, sideways crouch — exactly as Wendy often cringes when we're hoping she'll let us pet her.

There I was, staring up at him from the carpet, feeling rather surprised that I was so agile. I was on my side, and I believe I had round, staring amber eyes and a tail, which I was trying to figure out how to fluff up, to make myself look more formidable.

I have no idea what this dream means, but I have a bit more sympathy for Wendy now. Although, to be accurate, we are entirely harmless and well-meaning toward Wendy, whereas I hear that our relative is a cringe-inducing character.

I never dreamed I was a cat before, but I hope it happens again. I'd love to see how it feels to be Possum. I bet it feels amazing.

Wendy, fearing death at the loving hand of Evil Mommy this morning.

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  1. That's quite a dream! I wonder if Wendy just auto poses like that - a remnant of her kitten days.more than an actual fear?

    Are there any grooming brushes that she likes? If so, I wonder what she'd do if you held it a few inches from her. If she approaches and grooms herself, you could slowly morph that into petting, and change the dynamic of her approaching you.

    It works on some timid animals, but of course, no guarantee....


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