Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flour & Eggs

I admired this display in Anthropologie yesterday while waiting for my husband, who was browsing at the Apple Store. It's so convenient that our favorite stores are only half a block apart on Boylston Street.

New cookbooks and pretty kitchen things always interest me, but those sacks of Gold Medal Flour and crates of eggs put me immediately in a cookie-baking frame of mind. I had never really focused before the timeless graphic design of a Gold Medal flour bag. It's charming, and I hope it never changes.

This display had me itching to have egg and flour on my fingers. But because we're trying (yet again) to eat more carefully, I've resolved not to bake anything for awhile. Recipes yield so much, and we always find ourselves eating it all up with astonishing speed. But I've got to have something sweet every night — it's in my DNA; I'm in at least the third generation of evening dessert cravers and I'm done fighting with myself over it. Our new diet rule, adapted from Michael Pollan's thinking, is "Eat food. Mostly plants. Half as much."

So we went to Deluca's and bought a small, sensible bag of triple-chocolate-chip cookies from Dancing Deer Baking Company. They use basic, all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, and I think they are the next best thing to homemade. They're much more expensive than homemade, however, which is actually helpful if you're trying to limit your intake and you're a cheapskate. Rationed at one cookie per night, with a glass of skim milk, we won't feel deprived. And if we continue to be more careful about everything we eat, we might look better in our swimsuits by August. It would help if Anthropologie would change their displays to promote something less tempting than cookies. I'd like to see a big flan or rice pudding display next.

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  1. You might try making cookie dough but only baking 2-4 at a time. Toaster ovens are perfect for that and you can have a fresh baked cookie every night.


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