Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fourth of June?

So, here I was, spending Saturday night at home, trying to write about conceptual art. My husband was working, too. We're a fun-loving couple if fun means typing silently on a laptop.

As always, I was hoping for a distraction (having already posted here twice today, I was out of excuses). Suddenly, we heard a lot of booming, of the fireworks variety. "Are we at war?" I asked my husband. Then I turned around and saw serious fireworks over the Charles. We were treated to a long, professional show. Our building is directly across from where the City anchors the fireworks barge, so we had a great view of the upper half of the display from our bay window.

What we could see over the rooftops

How very timely and cool! Thank you, art history gods, or whoever was responsible for this surprise. I have no idea why anyone would shell out for major Boston fireworks on the 4th of June instead of July. Do you?

Surely Cambridge is not distracting its citizens from the water main break that has them all washing their hands with seltzer and flushing toilets with extra-virgin olive oil — according to tweets via Universal Hub? If anyone has the scoop on these peculiar pyrotechics, it will be Adam at Universal Hub. I'll keep checking, and let you know what I find.

Now, back to conceptual art... oh, what the heck. It's Saturday night. Time to lighten up a bit. I think I'll go to bed early and finish reading that long article about capital punishment in The New Yorker.

Update: An alert reader has commented that the fireworks were part of MIT's 150th anniversary celebration. We'd heard those were supposed to happen about a month ago, and couldn't find anything on their site when we checked back then. 


  1. MIT's 150th celebration fireworks......also checkout the north-facing side of the Pru

  2. Heard the skirmish and volleys all the way out here in Newton!

    Glad it was the engineers lighting up the sky!

  3. THANK YOU! We were wondering what the fireworks were all about, too. My first thought was that the Bruins had one, but the game wasn't over. I, too, checked UH, but nothing. And, here you have, a commenter with the answer. (And still nothing about it on the morning news, or the water main break.)


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