Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost and Found

It's hard to lose anything sizable in an 800 square-foot apartment, but I've managed to lose this:

It's a 20-inch pillow that sits on our bed in the summer. The front is embroidery and the ball fringe is fun for cats to chew off and bat around. So we all miss it. Where the heck is it? It's been puzzling me for weeks. I'm feeling more than a little stupid over this.

I know:
It's not under the bed.
It's not in any of our three inadequate closets.
It's not in the trunk.
It's not in the crawlspace. 

That leaves... only the cabinet over the washer and dryer. I've already looked there, but there's just no other place it can be. 

Off I go for our tall ladder and another investigation...

Aha!  Last fall, I'd cleverly covered it with a green pillowcase and stuck it under a comforter, inside the spare (new, never-used) litter box, up high. No wonder iI hadn't seen it the first time. I guess I was much cleverer last fall than I am now; I must have destroyed a lot of brain cells somehow since then. Of course, I can't remember how I might have done that.... but I'm pretty sure it wasn't much fun or I'd remember....

The pillow looks very nice on the bed, as always. Possum and Snalbert are already eyeing the fringe. 

I guess there are some advantages to living in a very small apartment and having limited storage options. But don't ask me what they are.

UPDATE:  Good grief!  Check out all the other places where my pillow has been!  Thanks, D!

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