Monday, June 13, 2011

Maine in June: Rainy Day

In Southwest Harbor, yesterday was chilly, rainy, and gray all day. We didn't really mind, but were glad for every bit of warm clothing we'd packed, "just in case."   

Yesterday was also "Take Out Your Antique Car for a Soaking" Day, a Maine custom we figured out on our own, but don't understand. We saw at least six old cars on Main Street, either parked as their owners had lunch at the Quiet Side Café, or rattling along in pouring rain. Here are three that were stationary:

Since my brother refuses to remove his classic car from its garage when there's a remote chance of a raindrop, I was confused. Were the owners of these antiques careless or intrepid, or is this just another way for Mainers to prove how tough they (and their cars) are? 

I'm glad I'm not a classic car. By nightfall, we'd decided to lounge in the hot tub despite the cold rain — no worries about rusting, messing up the chrome, or ruining the finish.

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