Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maine in June, 1

We made excellent time traveling up the Maine coast to Mount Desert Island. We were escaping the 100-degree day and thunderstorms predicted for Boston, but it was unusually warm and humid in Maine, too. Visiting MDI in mid June, while kids are still in school, was our innkeepers' clever suggestion. I'm glad we listened. There was very little traffic on Route 1; even the line for lobster rolls at Red's Eats in Wiscasset did not wrap around the block.

We prefer to stop for lunch at Sprague's, across there street. No line there, either:

Fortified, we continued up the coast, bracing for the eternal traffic crawl on Main Street in Camden. But there wasn't any traffic. There were loads of parking spaces. There was hardly a soul in Boynton-McKay, the old-fashioned, usually crowded restaurant and coffee shop (and former 1893 apothecary) where we stopped for cold drinks and a cookie:

Our innkeepers are usually gone for the evening by the time we arrive but, with zero traffic, we surprised them hours before we were expected. We caught up on their news and found pretty flowers in our bungalow. We unpacked, put on our swimsuits, hit the hot tub, and looked forward to spending the next few days doing just as we pleased. 

Maine really is the way life should be, especially for those of us on vacation.

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