Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nice Look

Saw this online at J. Crew and it spoke to me: an easy, slouchy sweater and a wrinkly cotton-voile skirt in a classic length. In Possum-toned neutrals that look good on almost anyone (but especially Possum). This is my kind of dressy-casual, perfect for when I'm being dragged to another dinner with brilliant overachievers, or I have to look decent at a meeting.

I think I could probably pull off this whole look, although I never wear belts. The shoes would give me blisters, but I covet them anyway, especially after all the platformed, strappy monstrosities I'm seeing everywhere. Deep yellow, mid-heel pumps are surprisingly versatile and about as cool as it gets, in my opinion. It would be worth experimenting with all those sticky "comfort" inserts Dr. Scholl's makes to be able to wear these for more than two blocks with bare legs.

I ordered the skirt (also comes in purple and peach, no thanks). But the sweater (I bet it's cashmere...) and shoes aren't yet available. As I've said before, I do most of my shopping online and stick to just a few stores I like and trust, to keep it as painless as possible. J. Crew is at the top of my list these days. I'm currently living in their chino shorts and tees as my summer "uniform."

If the rest of the J. Crew fall line is going to look this good, I'm ready for the leaves to turn. Summer is all very well, I suppose, but I'm already tired of roasting, and you can still get local tomatoes into October.

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