Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poor Possum

As I was working on my laptop last night, I heard a terrible sound behind me. Before I could turn around, Possum had knocked over one of our antique bentwood chairs and fled into the bedroom. We had no idea what had frightened him, so my husband picked up the chair and I looked for Possum.

He's a remarkable guy; he came to me when I called him even though he was afraid. We sat on the rug together in front of the bed. I talked quietly and he listened, but kept staring wide-eyed in the direction of the living room. It was as if he could see a ghost. I suppose it's possible that cats can see ghosts, so I reminded him that ghosts are usually harmless. As he relaxed, I began to pet him. He didn't seem hurt, just scared. Soon he was ready for some treats in the kitchen, fully recovered.

As I was putting dinner on the table tonight, I noticed a thick tuft of dark fur caught in one of the curlicues on the back of the bentwood chair. Poor Possum had gotten his tail stuck, and lost some fur while freeing himself. Tails are very sensitive — ouch.

I thought this apartment was cat-proof after so many years of vigilance, but there's inevitably a surprise. We love those chairs, and I hope they won't have to go. But if anything like this ever happens again....


  1. I got rid of a bentwood rocker after a similar incident...form before fashion...

  2. Poor Possum!

    But maybe.... As food for thought, one of the fosters here loves to spook himself and take off in delicious wind sprints. I think he tells ghost stories to himself to enhance the drama.

    He's nowhere as intelligent and creative as Possum, as dear as he is. Given Possum's many talents, it's possible that he was staging a one cat performer/audience gig.

  3. Poor baby, could he please have an extra treat from a grateful fan?


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