Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Possum & the Spoils of Newbury Street

Possum always likes a good cigar; I used to have to traipse all the way to Cause to Paws in Coolidge Corner to get them for him. Not anymore.

His newest one came from Fish & Bone at 217 Newbury Street, where they have a fine selection of cat toys. We have three pet supply stores in Back Bay now, plus a veterinary clinic where we can pick up prescription food. While most of these shops cater mainly to dogs, I can order Wellness food from Pawsh Dog Boutique, at 31 Gloucester Street. They are so kind as to keep a case in stock for me because they know I never remember to order it in time. And they don't want my cats to go hungry. 

That's worth the price of staying in Back Bay right there.

I also order Possum and Wendy's "Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul" kibble from Audrey's, at 296 Newbury. Life is good for Possum. (Life is also good for Wendy, but she'll never believe it.)

Possy loves a catnip stogie.

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  1. If he starts pursing his lips and blowing smoke rings, you've got a problem! Super photo of Prince Possum!


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