Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Protect Yourself in a Thunderstorm

We've had ominous light in the skies for the past several hours, and lightning and thunder, too. But there's still no rain to cool things off.

Possum thought this was an opportune time to demonstrate thunderstorm safety.

Safety Rule 1: Hide under something, so that whoever is making the scary noise outside won't find you if he gets inside. Like this:

The prudent Possum is nowhere to be found.

Safety Rule 2: Stay there until the noise stops or it's supper time. Like this:

Safe from the approaching storm.

The other three cats ignored the weather and slept in their usual places. Not all cats worry about thunder, but some hide or head for the basement even before you can hear the first rumblings. Our Bunnelina used to take shelter under the kitchen stool:

A sturdy stool will provide total protection from the elements.

Bunny used to purr happily under there, proud that she was taking care of herself as a highly intelligent cat should. She didn't seem to care that the stool didn't exactly cover her.

For Possum, a can of Fancy Feast (I know it's awful but most of ours won't eat better canned food these days) easily trumped the wrath of the gods. He came out when he was hungry and then decided that this so-called storm was just so much meteorological hot air. Now he's having a nap in the breeze of the air conditioner. As always, he has the right idea.

Update: Possum returned to his storm cellar under the sofa when the rain finally arrived with more thunder and lightning.

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