Monday, June 20, 2011

Wendy's Other Side

Wendy loves being petted when she isn't doing her feral, "avoid-the-human" act.

Here's Wendy on the radiator next to our table. This is one of her "safe zones" where she welcomes attention. Dinners are a lot longer now because she routinely goes into "Pet Me" mode as soon as we sit down to eat. We can't resist. This is her squinting, "Come hither" look:

 My husband's chair is closest to her, so he does the honors:

See, she's a very happy, trusting cat when she's not a cringing, terrified cat.

A few minutes after this, she'll probably be on the floor, scuttling away if we try to approach her.

But for now, she's in Calico Heaven.

Not all cats like having their feet touched or their bellies rubbed. Wendy loves it all.

She makes a lot of racket when she's petted; she has the loudest purr, and she snorts adorably.

But less than a minute after this, she'll be wary of us, all over again. She's Wendy the Wonder Cat: The cat who makes you wonder.

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  1. She's so pretty. I feel like that somedays too.


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