Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who's Hot?

I went for a stroll tonight around 8, and it was pleasantly cool, about 70. As I was heading back to the apartment, I noticed it seemed muggier. The temperature was indeed rising — after sundown. Now it's just past midnight, and it's up to 84. Since when does it get hotter at night?

I'm officially registering my disapproval of this wacky weather, even though we won't be around for tomorrow's intense heat and storm. We're heading north. (Yippee!)

Possum went into one of his sulky, artistic moods when he found me packing. I had to photograph his languishing pose:

Doesn't he look handsome when he's moody? His coat looks especially nice because we had a long grooming session today with two combs and a brush. He loves it.

He said he'll be sorry to see us go, but he's more concerned about global warming, thunder, tornadoes, and whether the cat sitter knows where we keep the treats.

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  1. We had some "wacky weather" here in central Maine Thursday. For the first time in twenty-six years in our home, I took shelter in our basement, along with a trembling Sprite, our border collie mix. Luca cat was gaily jumping from window to window despite my sporadic bouts of bravery to catch him. We had hail, lightning, thunder and scary winds. The air was thick with dust. A tree from my neighbor's yard split and landed atop our tool shed. Several branches hit the corner of our kitchen roof and festooned our deck with foliage. My husband seemed more than a little pleased for the excuse to fire up his chain saw!! We have lots of fuel for our barbecue pit. I'm trusting you'll have a calm coastal vacation, and am looking forward to your blogs. MaineMom90


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