Sunday, July 10, 2011


Cats hate helium balloons. They don't trust creatures that float around without faces, feathers, or wings.

When I caught a sad little orange balloon bobbing its way down Beacon Street the other night, I knew it wouldn't receive a warm reception from the fur people.

Wendy took one look and disappeared to her hiding place. Snicky glared at it with one orange eye (the other one isn't working too well these days) and went back to napping on the sofa. Possum tried to be brave but failed. After watching it bounce around the living room, he retreated to a safe distance and kept a watchful eye on it.

So it was up to Snalbert to confront the Strange Being. He's the Top Cat, after all, and with power comes responsibility. I was proud of him as he bravely approached the balloon. When he started swallowing the ribbon, I took it away.

Snalbert keeps an eye on an Unwelcome Visitor.

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