Thursday, July 14, 2011

Between the Raindrops

I'm nearing the finish line for submitting the first draft of my contemporary art writing project, with just two more artists to go and 21 finished or nearly so. Hooray. Here's hoping the second and third drafts are easier than the first. You never know. And I'm hoping this blog will get more interesting soon, as I'll be  free to get out of the house and take photos, read, cook, and Have Ideas. I'm also planning to shop more. It's sale time. And I'm trying to convince Possum to do more serious reading even though he feels entitled to goof off in the summer heat. He has expressed an interest in Rona Jaffe novels. Where does he get these ideas? (Fortunately, I had two ancient ones to lend him.)

I took a break and we walked to Beacon Hill for burritos last night. I was longing to get out of the house into the (finally!) cooler air. And we always love burritos. The air was wonderful, and so were the burritos.

On our walk back home, the Public Garden looked like this, with lavender-blue light as big raindrops were just beginning to fall:

Is that a hint of moon in the center of the sky or a UFO? Those little ducks are watching it.

Late last night there must have been hail because it sounded like thousands of marbles were bouncing off our air conditioner.  So happy to have cooler weather!

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