Friday, July 15, 2011

Chestnut Street

My wanderings in Beacon Hill seldom take me on Chestnut Street, but it's one of the most beautiful streets in Boston, so I decided to explore it yesterday during a cool-morning walk. Some snapshots — or, rather, all the snapshots I took. It's hard to take a bad photo on this street:

Weathered brick sidewalks and houses, gas lamps.... quintessential Beacon Hill.

A vine-shaded entryway with urns and the strangest "doorbell" ever...

A close-up of the doorbell, which I was very tempted to test.

The graceful double staircase to the Friends' Meetinghouse.

This dog is relaxing by the Meetinghouse stairs. 
I think he's lost; he looks like he belongs in a cemetery.

Lovely Georgian details.

Another Georgian entryway with a spider-web fanlight and 
its own purple-paned gas lamp and a lace-cap hydrangea about to bloom.

How about some ivy? 

A not-so-secret Beacon Hill garden with an unlocked gate.

This house faces that garden. Imagine coming home....

Yeah, right.  I wish.

There must be some creative condos in this Gothic Revival building. 
Great windows, at least.

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