Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cruel Shoes

The yellow shoes from J. Crew arrived yesterday:

They're more chartreuse than yellow, but still a good color. They looked great on me for the approximately 15 seconds I was able to wear them. Ouch! Way too narrow in the toe area, according to my protesting feet.

Back they go, and I'm relieved in a way, because they were insanely expensive ($228) and more than I've ever paid for a pair of shoes or boots. If they had fit, I would still have returned them... and then watched and waited an eternity for them to go on sale, ideally in the store, so I could drag my husband along with his educator ID, and get an extra 15% off.

But now I can relax and forget about them. Free shipping rocks yet again.


  1. they are lovely, but would never fit my feet either. are you going to try the Anthropologie ones as well?

  2. I think so; there's been one review and she said they were comfortable, although I'm always skeptical. I'm going to wait a bit because August is my birthday month, and they'll probably send me a coupon for 15% off, as they have in other years. I may receive a gift card, too, which would help.


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