Thursday, July 21, 2011

Current Craving: Anthropologie Pitcher

This Czech glass pitcher is much darker turquoise in person — my favorite color — and holds two quarts. Being cheap, I kept my eye on it, hoping it would go on sale. It never did. Now it's sold out online and in the local stores. Rats.

It's hobnail glass so it's nubbly all over. I love old-fashioned things, so I find that appealing. Not everyone does, I know. When we're wandering around Brimfield, my husband likes to refer to this kind of glass as "wartware." For some reason, that makes me pine for this even more. The Boylston Street Anthropologie is going to do a national store search for it so I'm crossing my fingers that there's still one lurking out there, somewhere where people have no taste. I promise I won't say where that is if I get lucky.

Like most stores, Anthropologie is having a good sale right now, so I consoled myself with this Tracy Reese dress:

It has a swingy skirt with pockets, and it's a stretchy, wrinkle-free fabric. Amazingly, the XS size fits best. It must run very large; I was sure my XS days were over because my layer-cake and whoopie-pie days have been in full force for some time now. I've had my eye on this dress for months; sometimes patience does pay off. And what I saved over the full price would just about pay for the pitcher. And best of all, I have a gift card to cover both.

Update: Good news! Anthropologie called this morning; they're sending a pitcher from the Natick store. 


  1. Fenton Glass is who manufactured hobnail in that distinctive turquoise color. I'll keep an eye out for you in my travels.

    I love the dress! It looks as though it can be accessorized to glap up or sophisticate as is or even to casual down a bit.

  2. Hi AEK! I love lots of Fenton glass, but this particular pitcher is Czech so I felt like it was a now or never thing.

    How are the cats getting along? Are they all together yet? Are you having fun? Getting any sleep??? Don't you think four is an ideal number? Send me an email if you still have my address.... or if not, let me know.


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