Monday, July 25, 2011

Current Craving: Cool Shoes

I have recently developed a theory that a perfect pair of yellow shoes will solve all my problems. At least it's worth a try.

So, how about these Valentina pumps, from J. Crew?

There's something classic and almost vintage about that pointed toe and slender, lower heel. Ideally the color would act like a neutral and work with practically everything.

Then I saw these Elevated Oxford pumps, from Anthropologie:

I lovet the menswear detailing and they look like they might even be comfortable. And they're much less expensive (although still pricey, $148 vs $228). I confess I'm feeling unusually worthy of a shoe splurge since I've already spent several months trekking around in very cheap Reef flip flops — three pairs from previous seasons.

If the golden color turns out to be a bit much, both styles come in other colors, including faded rose, coral, and brown and gray leopard patent for the J. Crew pumps:

And raspberry, which looks purplish brown for the Anthropologie style:

All of these will probably bomb since my feet are terribly delicate and I wouldn't wear these with stockings. But it's fun to fantasize... and it's also free.


  1. I got the new JCrew catalogue yesterday and immediately started cursing them, especially for the beautiful but crazily-out-of-my-price-range-EVER shoes.

    ... but then being happy that I got to at least look at the beautiful things.



  2. Those shoes look like they'd hurt. Sometimes a shoe is just pretty to look at...

  3. All pretty (sorry the yellow ones didn't work out). Mike gave me a $500 gift card to buy shoes in NYC and I think he wanted me to get one pair of manolo blahniks but instead I got 3 pair of Life Strides, 2 pair of Merrills and some cute socks, hahameow! I can't where dressy shoes without stockings...stockings 'airbrush' the flaws in my feet, lol.


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