Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Wendy

Wendy turns 2 today, or at least this is the birthday we designated for  her, since the American Cat Fanciers Association was not hanging around the neighborhood in Swansea where she was born.

How we adore her. She's our Greta Garbo, elusive, mysterious, beautiful. We can never get enough!

Plus, we have a perfect excuse to get a cake.


  1. The happiest of natal days to you, Wendy! You are a gorgeous, beautiful feline inside and out! If only you'll change your "I want to be alone" mantra to "I want to be alone in APBs arms!"

    Best wishes from all of us over in the "corner".

    Dustin, Portia &
    the two brand new wee foster beasties, (Alice)Chalifoux and (Carl)Salzedo (because they were called longhairs, and what better Maine Coon type longhairs than a classical harpist and his mentee who had a harp camp in Camden, Maine?)

  2. Have a wonderful day, Ms W!

    What kink od cake do you obtain to please an elusive superstar?

  3. Well, we missed Wendy's birthday, too? Our Teri never lets us go to any parties! She certainly looks the 'movie star' and what lovely toe hawks she has (that's the furs between her toes...)


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