Saturday, July 9, 2011

More from Maine: Searsport Houses

On our trips back and forth to Mount Desert Island, we always look forward to driving through Searsport, a quiet coastal town on Route 1 with a number of exceptionally beautiful Victorian houses (as well as that abandoned charmer from two posts ago). There were some fine architects in Searsport at exactly the right time — in the 1870s, I'd guess.

We slow down and roll down our windows, exclaiming, "Buy me THAT one!" at each other until we run out of pretty houses. On this trip up north, I was busy reading an email aloud, so I missed the houses. My husband gave in to my demands and made a U-turn, doubling back a few miles so we could yell and take photos.

Here are a few of our favorites. I want to live in all of these:

My Ideal House, with a mansard, big windows, 
a sweeping lawn and deep porch. Sigh.

This one is an inn, with Carpenter Gothic detailing 
and another great porch.

Another French Mansard. It has a charming addition in the same style, 
plus a porch (do you sense a theme here?) hidden behind the trees. 
Lush old trees and a cheery color scheme...

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