Monday, July 11, 2011

Possum in Summer Mode

Possum has been of very little use lately. He says it's too hot to think about art history, and he has no interest in contemporary art anyway. It's beginning to worry me that he's aesthetically stuck in the 18th century; I suppose I should allow him more time to develop his taste since he's just turning 2 this weekend.

He says the best thing about most art painted in the past 50 years is that the paint smells interesting. That was the deepest insight I've received from him since we returned from Maine, and I have to admit I would not have thought of it myself.

So, I work and he lies around theatrically, leaving me to wrestle with The Art of Our Time all alone.

I'm wondering if he might like a wading pool for his birthday. He seems to be outgrowing the sink, or else it's shrinking:

I can just imagine him lounging poolside with us up in Maine. How he would love it. Unfortunately, the innkeepers won't invite him. I imagine that they think he'd cause too much commotion with his movie-star looks and magetic personality.  It's a quiet little town and they aren't accustomed to so much dazzle. I'm used to him, and it's still tough to stay focused when he's showing off. 


  1. Welcome back to sauna south! I've been vicariously enjoying your Maine scenery and stories.

    Happy Natal Day to Possum and Wendy! How magnificent! How debonaire!

    I may be soliciting you for your expert, tame the feral kitteh advice. My ahem "foster" (permanent) from Charles River Alleycats has been scrambling all over the place. He appears to be a sprinter, as opposed to a marathoner. His increasing insistence on high energy playtime has annoyed the heck out of the other perm. foster who is a great deal older.

    So Charles River Alleycats is planning to send two 3 month old semi-feral littermates for some summer socialization and raucous cat play time!

    My experience is with old and injured/ill/disabled domestic cats. I can't even remember the last time I held a kitten - should be fun!

    For his birthday, perhaps you could introduce Possum to your tub. Portia almost lives in the one here, along with her ping pong bouncing bowling balls, where she plays nightly speed bowling after appreciating some freshly picked catnip leaves. She will be happy to advise Possum on proper bowling etiquette.

  2. Kittens! Lucky you! Let's hope they keep the sprinter occupied and leave the senior citizen in peace.

    You should be fine if your ferals are anything like Wendy and Possum. Neither one was crazy-nuts. They played nicely together and we got plenty of sleep.

    If your 'foster" guy is suddenly a lot more hyper, you might get him checked at the vet. Could it be his thyroid? Or was he always like this? I'm surprised this weather isn't slowing him down; ours are all lethargic, even with two air conditioners going.

  3. Thanks for the info! There are two sets of kittens, and I don't yet know which set will be arriving, but both supposedly are great with other cats.

    Dustin went on a much needed diet, and has lost enough weight to become active. His activity level is inversely correlated with his weight, so more raucousness is a good thing. Both cats are pretty much being sedate in the hot rooms and more active in the A/C. Thankfully, thyroid issues aren't in his picture at the moment!


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