Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simplex Kettle Update

The Simplex tea kettle factory is back in business! Someone named Newey and Bloomer (you just have to love England....) took over production in England — in time to provide a copper kettle as a wedding gift for William and Kate. You can order a chrome or copper model here.

After they stopped production suddenly, just about a year ago, the remaining U.S. stock slowly ran out. Since the winter, you could only find these kettles for crazy prices on eBay.

After realizing I loathed my deadly old Bodum kettle, doing my research,  surveying the options, taking forever to make up my mind between kettles, and then a long, obsessive search, I finally got one of the last Simplexes from  a Sur la Table store (in Michigan) in December. Since then I've lived happily ever after.

The original kettle for electric stoves is $149.95 and their gas model is $165.95. That seems like too much until you compare it with other kettles. Simplex kettles — at least the ones made between 1903 and 2010 — can last a lifetime if you don't abuse them, whereas inexpensive kettles tend to wear out in a few years. (Many expensive "designer" kettles have their nasty little issues, too....)

Shipping from England is $19.95. Let's hope they're as good as they always were.


  1. Thank you for this news . . .I searched long and hard and finally gave up finding a Simplex. All the best to you in Boston. Lena

  2. Ah - thank you for posting this update! I, too, had nearly given up.

    By the way, you should consider putting a "search" field in your blog -- I stumbled across the original post looking for info on simplex, got distracted meandering through your lovely posts, went back to hunting for simplex kettles, and accidentally discovered through google you'd posted this follow-up.

    Anyway, you have created a lovely blog. Thank you!

  3. Hi there! When I ‘Googled’ Simplex Kettles in the UK this blog comes up right at the top of the list! I read your entry which said that the company had closed, and was quite upset! I searched the net, and managed to get Simplex’s contact details, and today their people asked me to add a post on your site to say that “they are still producing” but they have only just started again. So, if anyone else is out there searching for a new Simplex and get to this page, please go to ( and place your order directly!

    There, I’ve done my bit! I’m just a regular British Oxfordian who loves beautiful things and nothing to do with Simplex. However, I’m very pleased to see that this wonderful kettle has its fans! Let’s hope it will keep going for another hundred years.


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