Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Old House

We spotted this intriguing property in Searsport, Maine, last Friday. We've been passing it on our way up to Mount Desert Island for years, looking saggier and more weatherbeaten each time we go by. (All of us, that is, not just the house.) We decided we'd better stop for a photo just in case it collapsed in a strong wind.

Shabby chic, Victorian charm, space galore inside and out, natural air conditioning — perfect for us! But there's no "For Sale" sign, just a "Keep Out." Darn.


  1. Do you know if it's still there? and where is it exactly because I'd love to take photos of it with the milky way? Thank you

    1. I don't know if it's still there. It is on the edge of Searsport to the north, directly across the street from a used car dealership on Route 1. If you google the dealership, you can call and ask what state it is in (and please let me know!), I'm not sure how much Milky Way you will get because of the Rte. 1 lighting, but good luck!


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