Saturday, August 13, 2011

Current Craving: Moon Pie

This is Moon Pie:

He's a gentle, friendly kitten at the Adoption Center at Angell Animal Medical Center. We met him when we stopped by after taking Snicky to the eye doctor. Moon Pie not only has fabulous, symmetrical facial markings, he's got about seven toes on every foot. I believe that a cat can't have too many toes. The more the merrier. I've also found that cats with extra toes tend to have great personalities.

If you're going to adopt cats, I believe you should eventually try to have all the colors. We're doing pretty well, but we have never had gray or silver. Even so, we didn't bring Moon Pie home because having five cats is considered insane by some people, including my husband and our vet. (And even me, at the moment, given that we had almost $1,000 in vet bills this week for our seniors, who are nevertheless doing very well these days.)

And, yeah, I know.... it's better to adopt grown cats than kittens, although I have my own peculiar notions about that. It also depends on the mix of ages and personalities you already have.

There are dozens of cats and kittens at Angell waiting for homes, as always. Here's a dilute tortoiseshell 3-year-old named Lorelai. She's a very sociable former stray:

There was also a handsome fellow named Chiquino who reminds me a bit of Possum, only with shorter fur and fewer intellectual pretensions. He was always either eating or moving around his room, so I couldn't get a decent photo. But you can see him here.

Through August, Angell is offering discounted adoption fees of $75 for cats more than a year old. If you're on the fence about adopting a new friend, there's no harm in just dropping by for a visit.


  1. Moon Pies are universally tempting.
    Five just means that there is one for every digit - makes counting so much easier ;)

  2. I was at the Angell clinic Sunday and held a black kitten with white markings while I waited for my daughter and her cat Scout. he had a check up before their move to Dallas, Texas. The female kitten I held was thinner and more feisty than the others. A lovely young mother with several little girls and a boy were peacefully and thoughtfully trying to come to an agreement. They chose little miss thin and feisty just before we left. A privilege to witness.

  3. thanks for posting this! my boyfriend and i are looking to add a new addition to our family (we have a 2 1/2 yr old kitty) and have been trying to find a good adoption center. :)



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