Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Current Craving: Wheels

I'm in the mood to ride a bike. The weather is perfect for being outside at all hours. I know I should try the new Hubway rental bikes that are all over Boston.

Somehow I'm resisting. Could it be because the bikes look so clunky? Certainly no self-respecting thief would steal one. Could it be because every rider I've seen so far appears to be a tourist — riding next to the bike lane or on the sidewalk, while gaping so hard at the scenery that they run lights and nearly hit pedestrians? Could it be because I don't have a helmet? No. I've never worn a helmet; I didn't even bother with a helmet when I rode horses. But, yeah, I know I need a helmet if I'm ever going to ride a bike... The Proper Bostonian had about 14 brain cells at last count and needs to hang onto them. I would also need a tiny helmet with goggles for Possum, so he could join me, riding in the basket. (He wouldn't be caught dead on a Hubway bike, he says. What a snob.)

I think I'd just like to have my very own bike, please. The problem is that I have nowhere to store one. But if that changes, I want this:

It's the Missoni bicycle, coming to Target with the rest of their Missoni collection on September 13 (mentioning that just in case you're in Malta, I'm bombarded with ads wherever I look). While I don't see myself decked out in some knit outfit that reminds me of the ripple afghans my mother crocheted, I'm very taken with the idea of myself on a cute print bicycle.

I really loved the concept of the Liberty-print bikes Target offered last year, but they had a dorkier body design and no hand brakes. It's too bad this bike doesn't have multiple speeds, but it sure does look Italian. I can just imagine peddling to the North End and filling the basket with cannoli from Dairy Fresh; arancini from Galleria Umberto; olives, fontina, and pepper ham from Pace's; and tomato pesto and an Iggy's Francese from the Salumeria...

Oh, well. At least I can have everything but the bike.

It's nearly time to make our annual, reluctant pilgrimage to Target to pick up cleaning supplies and whatever else we can't find elsewhere. We find big stores like Target confusing and depressing: so much cheap, plasticky stuff. We have to keep prying our hands from those multi-pound bags of candy they have everywhere because we get so miserable and rammy under those fluorescent lights, faced with too many aisles and choices. But perhaps I can console myself with this pretty laptop sleeve, something I do need:
Fat chance. Everything is going to sell out in a heartbeat. Advertising works.

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  1. Love the sleeve...doesn't look Afghan-y at all, unlike the bike, hahameow!


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