Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home Again

Coming home from traveling is always hard. We're exhausted from a long drive or a longer flight. My first impulse, after dropping our bags and greeting the cats, is to lie inert, face down on the sofa or the bed, for as long as possible — preferably forever — to avoid unpacking and cleaning up. But my husband transforms into a dynamo as soon as he's in the door. He'll be throwing things in drawers, making a pile of laundry, and putting his bag away while I'm still making sure we're in the correct apartment. It's the only time he ever races around to clean up. So what can I do but follow suit?

When my bags are empty, there's a mountain of dirty clothes to start on, and then it's time to start de-cattifying the place: removing all the towels and plastic sheets we put down in case anyone decides to protest our absence, and removing any kitten-sized tumbleweeds of fur drifting around. Then there's the mail to go through, and then I've got to face all the mess that results from both packing and unpacking. I have to unbury and reorganize my silver and jewelry. Even after all that, the apartment is in chaos for at least a day or two after we return. It needs scrubbing, vacuuming, and dusting.

When it all gets to be too much, it's time to head out for milk, bananas, bread — and maybe a burrito for dinner.

But it's wonderful to sleep in our own bed again, on an excellent mattress with a perfect pillow.

The cats were happy to have us home, even though their sitter leaves out about three times more food for them than we do. Mr. Possum has been demanding extra attention, grooming, and conversation.

Possum is relieved we're home because 
his fellow cats are not sufficiently intellectual.

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  1. Welcome home (to an impending french toast alert, so stock up on some excellent bread, eggs and maple syrup in honorof the soon-to-be big blow) The cats wants you to know that they survived the quake of '11.

    Tanks for sharing your vacation with us - I especially enjoyed the foggy photos. They remind me of the Lake District and all things Beatrix Potter.


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