Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Photos of Maine

The Vagabond, a deep-sea fishing charter out of SW Harbor.

One of the inn's old trees at sunset.

Proof that we actually got out onto a trail in Acadia National Park. 
(Confession: it was only a carriage road; we do those in flip flops.) 

Cadillac Mountain and Bubble Pond. 

 The trail around Bubble Pond.

Beach pebbles at Seawall. 

The Tom Cat as seen last month. It's where everyone goes for beer, coffee, soda, 
beer, cigarettes, rental movies, beer, and newspapers.

While we were in town, the Tom Cat got a fresh coat of paint. 
VoilĂ . But it's still a mess inside.

Left Bank Books, in Searsport. One of those rare shops that makes you 
feel like you died and went to heaven. I found a recent edition of 
John Cheever's stories that I'd been hunting for. And much more. An amazing bookstore.

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