Saturday, August 6, 2011

Losing It

We walked to Brookline this muggy afternoon to pick up two cases (48 6-ounce cans) of the cats' favorite food-du-jour, Natural Balance "Ultra" Formula. Talk about a fun way to get 10,000 steps. What were we thinking?

I find it a nuisance to carry a handbag when I take long walks, so I often use my pockets for necessities instead of my Longchamp tote. Those vinyl bags get sticky fast as they hang under your arm in hot weather.

Today I stuffed the pockets of my shorts with keys, camera, pedometer, credit card, and Charlie card (in case we caved and took the Green Line home). Our walk along Beacon Street was hot and dreary until we dropped by the Meat House, mainly to cool off. They were sampling gourmet chocolate bars. Perfect timing.

When we got home, sweaty and tired from carrying not only the cans but a big sack of kibble, I realized my Charlie card and credit card were gone. They must have wormed their way out of my pocket as I struggled with my heavy case of cans.

I called the Meat Store, Brookline Grooming, and the BU Bookstore, where we'd stopped for an Italian soda on the way home. No one had found my cards. Canceling my credit card was easy, and I'll receive a new one on Tuesday. But I realized I'd never registered my Charlie card, so I'm out at least $20 there. Be sure to register your cards, Bostonians. You can do it online, and then you'll be able to transfer your balance to a new card if yours is lost or stolen.

As I think about this situation, it seems weird. What are the odds of having two cards escape from my pocket? It feels less like an accident and more like one of the karmic acts of fate that Buddhists always remind me are happening whenever I tell them about strange occurrences in my life. Or perhaps it was the work of a pickpocket as we made our way through the crowds headed to Fenway. I'll probably never know.

But it's not worth getting upset over. Losing my camera or phone would have been much worse than losing a couple of cards. And, besides, I've been screwing up more than usual lately. A couple of weeks ago, I somehow left my pedometer on a bench next to some people on the Comm. Ave. Mall as I was struggling with dry-cleaning bags. I realized it was missing about an hour later, dashed back there, and found it. A month ago, I went running around to shops all over Main Street in Southwest Harbor because I couldn't find my camera. I'd forgotten that I'd stuck it in a bag with some takeout for our lunch. Nearly losing stuff was becoming a pattern, so I've been expecting to lose something for real sooner or later. I hope I'm done now.


  1. So sorry, APB! Wasn't it a drippy humid day?

    I did my carting around via Haymarket today, and when I arrived home, found that every last one of the peaches and apricots I got was just mealy mush! I've had an occasional bad piece of fruit before, but for two vendors to do that to me was not nice!

    Since I carry and tote everything, too, may I suggest a couple of those nylon shopping bags that roll up into pocket sized bits? I bought one at the MFA store and later found a slightly smaller version in a Vitamin Shoppe. They are fantastic because they are rated to carry up to 50#, go into the washer and dryer with regular loads, and they don't rip, tear, fall apart or degrade. Instead of using my pockets just as you did, I put the essentials in the sack, roll it back up or just sling it over my shoulder. The bags are so lightweight and unobtrusive that it's really no bother. /sales pitch

    I'm not familiar with the cat food that you use. I'm going to investigate....

    The kool kittehs here send their best regards to the Cheese Patrol who are their idols.

  2. ugh! Sorry about your cards. 8 paws here are crossed in hopes that maybe they turn up anyway. It's too late for the credit card, but getting the Charlie card back would be great. Thanks for the tip about registering - didn't even know you could do that. And, of course, because you were hauling cat food, you heroism and virtue are unmatched!


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