Friday, August 26, 2011

Possum Provoked

I counted 22 little birds in the tree outside our window, all chirping loudly and taunting poor Possum:

"Goodness, Possum," I said. "Those birds are behaving very rudely to you. Are they wrens, finches, or sparrows?"

"I would love to know the answer to that myself," he replied. "So why don't you let me go outside so I can climb that tree and study them more closely?"


  1. Luca cat empathizes with Possum, and agrees that window sills, although necessary for one's edification, are severely limitating to both urban and rural cats. His pet peeve, his true aggravation, is when other less restricted cats mince by his perch. Luca has attitude;perhaps he is a bit like the movie character you earlier referenced!


  2. Tell Possum that boneless chicken breasts are a lot easier to eat and feathers don't get stuck in your teeth...


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