Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Postcards from Maine: Foggy Times

Coastal Maine's periodic rain and fog can seem romantic and interesting if you're open-minded about weather. It's more relaxing (and gracious) to accept whatever the day brings than to fret to helpless locals about the lack of sun. We had foggy days and nights last week, between stretches of sunshine. Since even a downpour doesn't keep us out of the hot tub (our outdated New Yorkers just get soggy faster), we don't mind. We were a little disappointed to take a very foggy sunset cruise on an antique Friendship sloop with some friends from Manhattan who happened to be staying across the street from our inn. But it was still an excellent time, out on the waves with a picnic basket full of expensive cheese and plenty of lively conversation, with our captain blowing on a conch shell as our foghorn.

Here are some foggy scenes from various places on the island:

 Waterfront road in Northeast Harbor. Fog can draw attention to 
nearby colors and details you don't notice in sunshine.

A foggy high tide at Seawall, where you creep around
 on slippery rocks and watch the waves crash nearby.

Slippery rocks and waves.

Marshland across the road from Seawall.

Jordan Pond with fog obscuring the Bubbles (mountains)

The typical sunny, postcard view of the Bubbles.

Ospreys nesting in Southwest Harbor, 
taken during our sailboat ride. (We also saw seals.)

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