Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to the Cape

It began with the memory of last Saturday's foot-long hot dogs at Cobies; we found ourselves heading to the Cape again today. This time we made it all the way to Race Point. We are fascinated by dunes; there aren't many on Mount Desert Island. The landscape is refreshingly different. (We were generally too fascinated to stop and take photos.)

There was less traffic than last Saturday, although there were still plenty of people enjoying the perfect weather.

Race Point. Cold waves; not a soul in the water.

The beach is tranquil in September, even on a Saturday.

On the other hand, Provincetown was a zoo. 
I can just imagine what's it's like during the season.

We like the Cape. I know we're very late to the party, but we'll make up for it, I hope. I think we need to spend a few days there, so I can stop feeling like I'm crashing other people's vacation spot and make it my own. I guess I'm permitted to spread my loyalties beyond Mount Desert Island, and even if I'm not, I plan to anyway. (If only to have more gelato in Provincetown. The flavor: buttercream cake with chocolate frosting. Unforgettable!)

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  1. Who doesn't just love photos or paintings like the picture of the dunes with the windswept grasses and fence. I feel peaceful just looking at it. Town, fun and funky and well, I'd do almost anything for ice cream but I'd prefer some shore time at this moment...


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