Friday, September 16, 2011

Bits & Pieces from the Web

I'm seldom one to lead others around the Internet, but here are a few links that I think are too good not to share:

If you love fat, glossy design magazines — but not the way they pile up in your living room, Lonny (only online) is for you. Check out the September/October issue.  Their archives are a wonderful place to waste time.

If I were better at Photoshop, I would have created a spectacular art historical series like this, starring Possum. He is cranky that someone in Japan has beaten us to it, but he hasn't given up hope that I'll turn him into an Ingres Odalisque or a screaming woman in Guernica. What an optimist.

Imagine Possum in place of Mr. Orange Sumo Tabby.

Speaking of art, here's a sneak peek at the new Linde Family Wing of Contemporary Art at the MFA, courtesy of The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research. While this review is rather luke-warm, there are lots of photos. I don't think it should surprise anyone that the MFA doesn't have a superlative, comprehensive contemporary art collection. That was never the MFA's strength. But I say: Just give it time. All that new gallery space will influence collectors and donors, and the collection will grow and improve. In the meantime, keep an open mind and enjoy a wide variety of contemporary works that are just as thought-provoking and fun as the famous ones you see reproduced everywhere. Just because the MFA is not MoMA doesn't mean you won't like it, learn, and be inspired. And there are definitely some killer works in the collection anyhow.

I predict you will love the El Anatsui metal tapestry on the right.

The Linde Wing opens this Sunday with a free Open House (7 am–7 pm) I hope to be there to tour the galleries — more space than the ICA! — and take in some of the festivities. (Although Sunday is also proving to be an epic day for real-estate open houses.) There's the Boston Typewriter orchestra, among other things. I will eventually rent a handheld multimedia guide to hear what I had to say about 23 or so works in the new wing.

Leave it to the French to create perhaps the best commercial ever starring cats exclusively. This is so charming and inventive that it has immediately entered my Cat Commercial Hall of Fame, which formerly housed only one commercial — that SuperBowl favorite for EDS, "Herding Cats."

This is nuthin'! Watch the video.

Perhaps the reason my Cat Commercial Hall of Fame is so sparse is because I never watch TV series or commercials now that Mad Men is on hiatus (confession: I do watch portions of Patriots' games, to spend time with my husband). Hank Stuever wrote an intelligent critique of the new season, "Bunnies, Babies, and Broads: What Is TV Trying to Tell Us about Women?" for The Washington Post. It's an excellent reminder of one of many reasons why I ignore the tube.

Can't you tell Pan Am will be awful on the basis of just this one still? 
I knew Mad Men. Mad Men was my friend. You, sir, are no Mad Men.

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