Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gorgeous Garden in the South End

We saw this private backyard garden at an open house in the South End on Sunday. The condo attached to it was too cramped to hold our books, but the garden was a dream come true.

There were "before" photos showing its progress from a drab patch of dirt and scraggly plants to a formal patio with two circular brick and stone areas surrounded by built-in planters. There's also a hidden stone staircase to the alley and (a deeded parking spot on the other side of the wall). 

Look closely to see the garden's focal point, a tall, cast-iron fountain. The sound of its splashing water was gentle and refreshing. What a truly amazing little space, especially since almost any old South End backyard could be transformed similarly — with enough funds, imagination, and hard work.

In the alley directly behind this garden, there's a community garden. You could grow all the vegetables and flowers you'd want, steps from your back door.

I could imagine our cats sunning themselves on the warm bricks and chasing butterflies, safely surrounded by walls on all sides. It was almost enough to make us jettison our libraries, but not quite. At least we know now that we can build and grow a garden like this ourselves someday.


  1. Are you imagining your cars or your cats sunning themselves?


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