Friday, September 30, 2011


Yesterday was Wendelina Pantherina's "Gotcha Day," the second anniversary of the day we brought her home. I was honored when she voluntarily joined me (unheard of) on the sofa for most of a minute, shortly after watching Possum receive a disgusting amount of petting and praise in that spot. As soon as he left, she took his place, even jumping over me neatly to get there. But when I reached out to pet her, she left. Still, it was a fierce display of courage from Wendy — still settling in, one molecule at a time.

Naturally, I had to reminisce over baby pictures:

Shortly after her arrival.

Wendy is Not Intellectual, but she helped Possum 
pull Janson's History of Art from the shelf.

A favorite hangout, under the candelabra. 

Proud of herself for subduing the curtain ties.
And look at that super-long tail.


  1. She is so lovely, APB! That she visited you, even though briefly, is wonderful! I think she may have a soulmate in Miss Chalifoux - even to the long, luscious tail. Miss C will eat cheese from my fingertips, and she will walk all over me as long as I am fully comforter ensnared, but she will not come within hands' reach for touching. Her brother, Maestro Salzedo, "forgets" that he's afraid sometimes - mostly when he's sleepy, so he's been properly smooched, held and even picked up. I'm hoping that they'll find adopters as patient and loving as you and Mr. APB!

    Thanks for sharing those marvelous kitten pictures of Wendy!

  2. Happy Gotta Day Miss W. Playing hard to get will keep them on their toes. Enjoy being the boss.

    From Miss Maggie Mae Westie & her slaves

  3. PB: Wendy is such a beautiful cat, and what a thoughtful expression she wears. Congrats to you and hubby on all your patience and kindness.My 4 are pleased to know that your 4 have such a great home!

  4. Thanks for the kind words. We feel so lucky to have our cats, and just wish we had room for a few more.

    Miss Chalifoux does indeed sound like she went to the same school as Wendy, who will eat sliced turkey from my fingertips but doesn't understand cheese or almost anything else my hands want to offer her. I wish Possum could teach them both that hands are for petting!


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